Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Study Pod Book Holder

Do you ever suffer from neck strain while reading? Wishing you had a little “helper” in the kitchen to hold up your recipes? It’s time you discovered StudyPod Book Holder.

As I read through the introductory letter that arrived with my StudyPod Book Holder I knew I had to see it in action to be sold. I tried to imagine when I would need someone to hold a book for me and realized as I stood in my kitchen I had the perfect opportunity to test it out.

Study Pod Book Holder, invented by Phil Rucinski, teacher, is made completely of plastic. An octagon shaped mesh of a slight rubbery type product covers the front and back sides. Rucinski claims he developed the book holder as a form of homework relief. “The STUDYPOD book holder will organize you a bit better, keep your Mac and Cheese off your books, and probably help you finish your homework faster so you can go about doing what you'd rather be doing, instead of your homework”, he states on his website.

Study Pod Book Holder opens like a book and is the size of a standard novel. Its design enables students to improve their study posture by holding textbooks and study sheets at a vertical level. It’s small size and light weight make it extremely portable.

To use the StudyPod simply open it up, slide a little silver metal locking pin to the left to ensure it stays open and fold down two mini shelves/legs with thin metal page holders attached.

Always looking for a “cute factor” I noticed that inside the right hand side of Study Pod Book Holder a spiraling design of famous quotes and trivia was printed in white. Some of the information was inspiring to spur on students and some just fun. My favorite quote was, “High School is a lot like toilet paper. You only miss it when it’s gone”. Kate Kulkova

At first look I thought it a bit flimsy to be capable of holding a large book. My 15 year old brought me his 2 ½ “ thick, 9 x12 Physics textbook for our Study Pod’s test drive. The Study Pod Book Holder met the test holding the massive book securely in a perfect position for vertical study. We quickly noted, however that to utilize the page holders we had to lay Study Pod Book Holder down, place the page holders over the book and then re-adjust the Study Pod Book Holder to its upright position; a bit fussy for Physics study in our opinion.

Our next test for Study Pod Book Holder was met in our kitchen. My 12 year old was testing out a new recipe for breadsticks and needed to keep the 8 ½ x 11 piece of paper the recipe was written on out of flour and other counter debris. Since she was sharing counter space with me she needed a space saving method as well. Study Pod Book Holder to the rescue as we discovered it brilliantly held the paper at a perfect level for constant reference and protected the breadsticks and paper from cross contamination. We unanimously decided that Study Pod Book Holder had found its home in our kitchen as a valuable chef’s tool.

Study Pod Book Holder is available in black, royal blue and pink colors for $19.95. Purchase two or more for only $16.95 each on the Study Pod website which only ships to US and Canada. Readers of this blog should take advantage of coupon code TOSBLOG5 to save $5.00 off their purchase. If you don’t like the Study Pod, no worries, the company offers a “buy it try it” guarantee and will refund your money if you don’t think the Study Pod is amazing.

Although I'm still not sold on utilizing Study Pod Book Holder for reading time our whole family agrees that its use as Chef's helper in the kitchen is unparalleled.

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