Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fearless by Max Lucado

Inspiring, personal and honest messages sprinkled with humor make Fearless by Max Lucado a 14 chapter work of non-fiction readers will never want to finish. Each chapter focuses around a different aspect of fear, defining it, reminding readers of the scriptural truths to battle it followed up with a few life stories to make the message real. Lucado covers the topics of child loss, violence, overwhelming challenges, death, facing uncertain futures, separation from God and other fear inducing life circumstances. A discussion guide is included in the book making Fearless an excellent choice for small group study.

I have been a huge fan of Lucado's work for 15 years. My first experience will forever be etched in mind. I rocked my chronically ill baby son during a sleepless night reading chapter after chapter of He Still Moves Stones by Lucado. The words encouraged, inspired and held me close to God as I let go of the troubles surrounding me in the darkness. It was a spiritually powerful night for me and one which sent me searching for more of Lucado's work. From picture books to adult non-fiction titles everything I have ever read by this author has been sure to bring a joy-filled tear to the eye as love, compassion and understanding messages speak to the heart; drawing the reader closer and closer to God. Lucado's classic use of God's wisdom mixed with his own make Fearless a peace filled message of rest and refreshment for a weary soul.

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