Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Aleks On-line Curriculum

I first became familiar with ALEKS on-line curriculum last spring as a member of the TOS Review Crew. I described ALEKS as a "super hero" for homeschool parents struggling to teach math and science. I am happy to share with readers ALEKS has added even more "super powers" to their curriculum enabling parents to become "super teachers" and kids "super students".

ssessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces, is a phenomenal web-based assessment and learning tool with tremendous potential to help home educators through the rough and rocky subjects of math and science. ALEKS provides specifically targeted individualized instruction to each subscriber. Through the technology of artificial intelligence it offers a "consistent cycle of assessment and education for students".

ALEKS currently offers tutoring/curriculum in math for grades K-12 and a few science courses designated as high school level. ALEKS is completely on-line and therefore accessible from any computer with internet access. Subcribers are provided with information enabling them to compare the curriculum content of ALEKS with their State’s standards, use of math fact drill options sections keeping learning progress moving and access to detailed information of student progress through Master Accounts; making record keeping and evaluations a snap!

ALEKS offers instruction and tutoring for:

K-12 Mathematics
Quick Tables, a part of some elementary courses is a "research based math facts mastery tool". Students and parents utilize Quick Tables to drill a range of 0-12 math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Quick Tables use begins with a brief assessment which identifies problem areas through the use of a color coded key table. There is no need to drill mastered facts as the artificial intelligence built into ALEKS will keep track of facts mastered coloring in the key table as progress is made. Students make use of the "Learning Mode" section of Quick Tables which teaches students facts still needing mastery. The actual drill work is accomplished as a part of Quick Tables "Interactive Games". Students are rewarded with new games each time they demonstrate mastery of previous ones. According to the ALEKS website drill ensures students move the math facts knowledge from short-term to long-term memory.

A subscription to ALEKS is available to homeschool families on a per student basis for $19.95 per student, $99.95 for six months or $179.95 for one year. Additional discounts for up to six children in a family are available for those purchasing six or twelve month subscriptions. For those skeptics wishing a trial run before commiting, ALEKS offers a free one month trial. Subscriptions and trial offers can be accessed on the ALEKS website at

The next time you start to quiver and shake at the thought of math or science instruction remember your secret weapon. There is no need for a single moment of worry or doubt. ALEKS has been designed with you in mind.

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