Sunday, May 10, 2009

Top Ten!

As the school year winds down I always find myself looking back fondly on the highlights. My first year as a TOS Review Crew member has finished up, but one final post is in order. In order to honor the top products of the year I am submitting to you my TOP TEN LIST

1. All About Spelling---hands down the most creative and fun Spelling program on the market. Once a self-professed hater of spelling curricula, I now recomend everyone to purchase ALL ABOUT SPELLING!

2. One Year Adventure Novel--from its snappy videos, to creative, short lessons, to simplistic implementation for teacher's this is by far the best creative writing curriculum on the market for older (grades 7-12) kids. Anything that can help my writing phobic teen write is tops on my list!

3. Italian In Ten Minutes A Day-- short, easy lessons, humor sprinkled throughout the language pronunciation CD and flexibility for easy homeschool adapting made this a favorite in our house. We are ready for a trip to Rome!

4. Auralog Tell Me More---again....not enough positive adjectives in the English language to offer up for this amazing foreign language program. I highly recomend it for families who are interested in advanced study as this computer program offers years of foreign language study for one price.

5. Rocket Phonics--hands on phonics study designed to help parents teach little boys in constant motion. High praise again for this innovative phonics curriculum because its lessons are short, creative, and high energy just like my littlest student.

6. Artistic Pursuits-- a fantastic company offering non artist teachers the ability to teach their children art at home. Their pre-school book The Way They See It is one of the best things I have ever read and used with pre-school aged kids for encouraging artistic awareness and expression.

7. Five in a Row--this homeschool classic is designed for gentle, loving homeschool education. Visions of cuddly couch time, educational crafting, and simple yet meaningful research projects will fill your days.

8. Salem Ridge Press --fascinating, rich literature from the late 1800's and early 1900's. My entire family was captivated by The White Seneca during a long car ride Thanksgiving weekend. Besides who can't love that this company is owned and operated by a former homeschooled kid?! Our family loved all the selections we read from the historical fiction collection.

9. First Start French -- maybe because I love all things French, but I love the design of this curriculum, the ease of use and of course the subject matter. Memoria Press has so much to offer homeschoolers in the way of classical curriculum choices and now modern language study has been added to the list.

10. One2Believe and Schleigh toys -- technically not curriculum, BUT both of these companies offer nothing but wholesome high quality toys that encourage creative play. Anytime I can find a wholesome entertainment opportunity for my kids I embrace it.

I hope you have enjoyed my reviews this past school year and found some helpful hints. Feel free to leave some comments and let me know your top ten! :-)