Sunday, February 15, 2009

Homeschooling ABC's

Homeschooling can be a wonderful faith-filled adventure. Sometimes, however, faith runs thin and even nerves of steel can not possibly sustain the homeschool teacher as questions turn to doubts which turn to fear. If you have homeschooled you understand exactly what I have described. If you are considering home education you are probably dreadfully reading this thinking, “Oh no!”

Now imagine a world where homeschool teachers can find support, encouragement and on the job training with the click of a mouse. Imagine an on-line course to help you navigate the uncharted waters of home education delivered to your email inbox on a weekly basis for six months. Imagine having access to educational experts and seasoned homeschool mentors at all hours of the day or night offering answers to every one of your homeschooling questions.

Terri Johnson, co-owner with husband Toby of, publisher of history and geography curricula for the homeschool market, has developed Homeschooling ABC’s an on-line course that will empower the new and seasoned homeschooler from the first lesson onward.

Available at, Homeschooling ABC’s is a treasure trove of information in the form of 26 weekly lessons delivered faithfully to your e-mail inbox. Each lesson focuses on different aspects of home education and is filled with resources, encouragement, information to broaden teacher knowledge base and endless amounts of practical advice. Interested customers can receive 5 free lessons to sample Homeschooling ABC’s, but the course costs only $60.00 payable in $10 increments monthly. In addition, e-books and over $250.00 worth of curriculum from homeschool vendors are provided to participants free of charge throughout the six months of classes. Imagine attending your favorite homeschool convention workshop every week for twenty-six weeks and now you have a full picture of the depth of value Homeschoolingabc’s offers the homeschool teacher.

Homeschooling ABC’s begins on a high energy note with lesson A providing practical step by step instructions for diving into home education for the first time. Johnson calls this her “Jumpstart method” and offers up encouragement and sage advice along with practical tips for daily study with children in the home. I have homeschooled for 14 years and was still delighted and motivated by this inspiring lesson. I equated it in my mind to having a homeschool mentor teacher available at the click of a mouse. Fantastic!

Each brief lesson ends with an assignment for the homeschool teacher designed to continue guiding and directing throughout the week until the next lesson arrives. Lesson C, for example, filled with tips and advice for scheduling and organization directs the teacher to pick a date on their calendar for a planning get away. Johnson recommends finding a weekend that you and your spouse can spend together stating, “this could be as luxurious as an inn at the coast or a couple of planned afternoons at the local library without children”.

I can not find enough superlatives to offer in description of Homeschooling ABC’s. I found myself inspired and motivated by the quality and quantity of information presented through this course in manageable bite-sized chunks. Johnson has thoughtfully designed her course to answer every question imaginable, yet not overwhelm even the most timid of new teachers. I have been a support group leader for many years and spent quite a few hours counseling new homeschoolers as they nervously begin their first years of teaching their children at home. I only wish HomeschoolingABC’s had been available earlier as it truly provides all the answers to the multitude of questions that plague everyone beginning their journey into home education.

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