Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bible Story Songs

I adore the idea of learning new concepts set to music. I have witnessed the magic of music education within my own family on many occasions. My oldest daughter, for example, could not speak at two years of age due to a mild learning disability. She could, however, sing all three verses of “Silent Night”.

Language and artistic ventures are processed by different hemispheres of the brain. I believe music acts as a bridge to open up communication in ways that traditional educational methods fail. For my family, the melody of a song acts as an anchor for information contained in the logical, lyrical portion of the music. I am continually amazed at the volume of “poetry” my teens can recite as they sing lyric upon lyric of all their favorite music.

Bible Story Songs Inc., has taken full advantage of the power of music. Their musical CD’s provide children an opportunity to memorize scripture, Bible stories, and understand Biblical truths through the joy of song. According to the company’s website, “Bible Story Songs is a formula that works!...... We pray that we would be able to make professional recordings of all of these songs, that they would be sung by many families in cars and living rooms all over this earth, and that they would be a blessing to all who sing them.”

My family chose the car to test the “blessing” threshold of Bible Story Songs,” The Bible: Let’s Sing About The Book We Love!” Present on the car ride were my 17, 11 and 7 year old daughters and my 14 and 4 year old sons. The CD made up of 32 individual tracks ran for about one hour and was filled with songs designed to aid in scripture memory, and two different tracks to help listeners learn the books of the Bible.

I was pleased by the quality musicianship of the performers and the meaty content of the lyrics. I especially noted that unlike many children’s CD’s I have listened to in the past with children performing, “The Bible” had young vocalists delightfully in tune with excellent diction. This quality ensured that I would genuinely enjoy putting the CD on again and again upon requests.

When asked for a kid’s opinion my children were happy to oblige. Jonah, age 14 said, “It was okay. The songs weren’t really very creative, but I think you could learn them easily. I think the CD is geared to little kids definitely.”

“It was very good!”, said Aidan, age 4. “I like the “understand” song—(Track 2 Hebrews 11:3, “By faith we understand…”) because it makes me happy. I just liked it!”

“I really liked “Lord of Chihuahua”, added Sierra age 7. (Caution: make use of the lyric sheet included for 7 year olds. I had to explain to Sierra that Chihuahua was really Jehovah.) “I really liked how the kids sang and clapped. I would listen to it over and over and over and over (a thousand overs) again!”

Sammi age 17 provided a teen’s perspective. “I think the CD is kid-friendly and up beat music. I would have enjoyed this a lot when I was younger because it is very appealing. I think it really helps increase Bible knowledge. It is easier than trying to memorize scripture in other ways especially for little kids.”

Micah age 11 offered up the final word with her opinion. “I guess it’s a good idea to put the books of the Bible or Bible verses to music so kids can remember them easier. The kids on the CD sound pretty good especially when they sing in a round. The CD doesn’t really appeal to me much now, but I think I would have really liked it when I was say, six years old”.

Bible Story Songs offers 5 other Bible related CD’s on their website along with sheet music, puzzle pages books, and color and sing songbooks. All CD’s are reasonably priced at $9.99. In addition, samples of the songs offered on each of the CD’s can be heard at the website.

The CD’s are a quality investment especially for families of younger aged children. Bible Story Songs provide delightful entertainment with a Biblical focus. Their simple, wholesome, original and borrowed melodies filled with scripture could turn your next car ride into a worship filled experience.

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