Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Children's Bible Hour

Children's Bible Hour Ministries is dedicated to providing"excellent media resources to evangelize and disciple kids and their families". Children's Bible Hour radio programming was founded in 1942, by Rev. Gil Crosselman and three other pastors after Crosselman was asked by his niece, "Why are there no radio programs for children talking about Jesus?

Children's Bible Hour radio programs were replaced with Down Gilead Lane in March of 2001 in response to meeting the needs of contemporary children. It is four of the original Children's Bible Hour stories that have been adapted for the Seasons of Faith picture book series. Each book in the series, which retails for $10.00 plus shipping, comes with a CD of the story narrated by "Uncle Charlie" VanderMeer, Ambassador-at-Large for Children's Bible Hour ministries.

I received CBH's new Seasons of Faith picture book series in exchange for this review. Paperback with a stapled binding, the books are 8.5" x 10" with warm, child-friendly illustrations with the appearance of watercolor and marker media. All four of the
Seasons of Faith books are designed to be read aloud to children in one sitting. Each "season" shares a different faith developing topic reflective of different aspects of a Christian faith. Faith elements are shared easily and naturally through the characters conversation and actions. Scripture references in the books are provided in the New King James Version of the Bible.

The Season of Faith series includes:

Spring: Race With Midnight: Becky takes a spring break
vacation to visit her cousin Sarah on her ranch in Montana.
Besides learning to ride a horse, Becky shares the gospel with her family who come to know Jesus as Savior.

Summer: You Can't Come In: Adam and his new friend Zack
decide to build a secret fort for summer fun, but stumble onto a
perfect object lesson to demonstrate the cleansing power of Jesus Christ.

Fall: Seventy Times Seven: Doug learns a valuable lesson of forgiveness from a broken sign, and a chewed up baseball cap. The parable of the ungrateful servant from the book of Matthew, chapter 18, is brought to contemporary life in this story of two friends and a Christian businessman.

Winter: Braving the Storm: Thomas's grandfather guides him in understanding that God is still present even during the storms of life. Encouraging and not preachy, this story will speak to children of all ages.

I was not familiar with Children's Bible Hour before receiving these books. Part of my college education was spent in radio broadcasting, so I was anxious to learn more about this unique ministry and its offerings.

The first book I read, Race With Midnight, felt a bit stereotypical in plot and language as I read it out loud. My older daughter listening in even made the comment, "That's awkward" when hearing me read the dialogue of Becky's mother offering witnessing advice to Becky before leaving on her trip. I had my doubts that the Seasons of Faith series would really speak to our family culture and truly be a reflection of contemporary childhood to my kids. As I continued reading through the series, however I discovered what a treasure these picture books truly are.

My younger children and I were very excited to note Akron, OH as the setting of You Can't Come In. We visit Akron on a regular basis, but never see this amazing city mentioned in works of literature. I loved the carefully designed plot of Seventy Times Seven and thought it extremely relevant. Finally, Braving the Storm spoke to my heart with honest encouragement making it a title I will recommend over and over to families and children facing one of life's storms.

"They were good, great and awesome", said Aidan age 5, when asked how he felt about the Season of Faith books. "My favorite book was Braving the Storm. I liked when they planted the tree together".

"I think they were good", commented Sierra, 8 year old horse enthusiast. "My favorite book was Race with Midnight. I like when they get to ride the horses."

For more information on the Seasons of Faith Series or Children's Bible Hour Ministries, visit their website at Readers of this blog post will receive free standard shipping when purchasing the Season of Faith series and using code FREESHIPAPR15 at the time of checkout. This free shipping offer is valid March 17-April 15, 2010.

Seasons of Faith picture books are worth the small investment of $10.00 per book. I know I will use this series as a staple to share with my children as we navigate the seasons of our Christian walk.

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I enjoyed your book reviews. They were informative and showed a critical and informed approach to the material.

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