Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Math Tutor DVD: Numbers and Counting

Math Tutor DVD, a unique math curriculum company developed by Jason Gibson who says he "gets a thrill out of making seemingly complex topics suddenly easy to students" has a new product for the youngest of students. I received the Numbers and Counting DVD, the first installment in the company's Young Minds DVD series free of charge in exchange for this review.

I sat down with my five year old son, Aidan and eight year old daughter, Sierra to watch the DVD and noted from the packaging it is award winning. Numbers and Counting received the 2009 Dr. Toy Top Ten Audio Visual Product, 2009 Dr. Toy Top 100 educational products for the year, 2009 Top Choice award from Creative Child Magazine and was recipient of the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval. I had high expectations and after our viewing session Sierra, Aidan and I agreed Numbers and Counting is the "Best of the Best"!

Numbers and Counting helps young students learn to identify and practice counting numbers 1-9. Beautiful classical music accompanies gorgeous colorful nature photographs and other child-friendly images while a narration of simple facts are shared. For example, a detailed color photo of a sea turtle is accompanied with the narration, "One Sea Turtle. A sea turtle swims in the ocean". Occassionally, video is incorporated within the mix of images keeping visual interest high throughout the movie.

Even though the content of Numbers and Counting is definitely geared toward the pre-school set, Sierra enjoyed the music and images too. While "Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring" played in the background she exclaimed, "Mom! I know that song!" Watching this basic concept video is a pleasant, relaxing experience for all ages; another plus in our opinions.

Numbers and Counting is divided into 4 min. segments for each number. This division allows parents to use the video sparingly if desired to meet the attention spans of young ones. Although the video can run seamlessly, because it's a DVD, users may select various sections accessed through the menu option.

Bonus features included with the DVD include three game options, Puzzles, Connect the Dots and Guess the Animal. Numbered puzzle pieces float into place creating an image in the Puzzle game. The floating puzzles are accompanied by narration relating to the numbers and image. Connect the Dots displays a basic black and white line drawing needing finished by connecting numbers in order 1-10. Once complete the image is displayed in full color. Very fun! Guess the Animal, my favorite, consisted of close-up images with narrated clues followed by the image slowly pulling out to reveal the animal or insect in full.

Numbers and Counting has a full running time of approximately 45 minutes with an additional 15 minutes of bonus feature games. All narration in Numbers and Counting is done by a young child. The narration is clear and distinct and when combined with the classical music hints of Disney's Little Einstein videos. Aidan, a huge Einstein's fan noticed the resemblance too.

When asked for his honest opinion of Numbers and Counting to add to our review Aidan was enthusiastic and poetic.

"It was very cool! It was very special to me. It was fantastic. It was very cool, very romantic. I loved all the games!" he said.

Numbers and Counting retails at for $19.99. For more information regarding Math Tutor DVD's Young Minds series or any of their other products for older students visit their website at

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