Friday, April 23, 2010

Super Star Speech Homeschool Games

When the book work is done it's time to play! Super Star Speech offers 11 educational games designed for homeschool families ready to play. Our family received six of the games for free in exchange for our review.

All games are available as an instant download from Curr Click and retail for $3.50. Created by licensed speech therapist and homeschool Mom Debra Lott, the games are simple old-fashioned board games focused on specific topics. Currently, Lott offers:

  • Silly Snail: A parts of speech game for grades 3-6
  • Road to Revolution: A game to understand the events, times and people of the American Revolution for grades for grades 3-8
  • The Inventors Game: a game designed to review inventors and their inventions for grades 3 and older
  • Colony Quest: Designed around the 13 American Colonies for grades 3-5
  • Climb the Vine: A question/ answer board game about plants for grades 3-6
  • All About Animals: An animal classification game for grades K-5
  • Explorers of the World: Focused around 24 different Explorers for grades 3-8
  • Covering the Continents: Questions, answers and maps about the seven continents for kids aged 6-10
  • Exploring Egypt: Centered around Ancient Egypt this game is appropriate for grades 3-8
  • The Insect Game: Designed for children in grades 2-6
  • Planet, Moons and Stars: A trivia based game perfect for grades 3 and up
Although each of the games has a slightly different objective all of the games my family played were easy to use with simple instructions and very little set up time. I printed my downloads onto cardstock for durability and stored pieces in labeled ziploc bags. The small investment of time reassured me that if pieces got lost or destroyed I could easily print off new ones without a hitch. Because the pieces including game boards were no larger than 8 1/2" by 11" pieces of
paper the games were easy to take on the road to be used during boring "wait" times. I love the simplicity and quality content of each of these games!

I am a firm believer in the power of educational games. I know my children learn more when the experience is relaxing, fun and just a bit competitive. A game format also helps me see new strengths and weaknesses in my children that would never show up with ordinary school work. For example, while playing All About Animals my 5 year old blew me away with his ability to recognize complex vocabulary words and classify his animals. Apparently, he had been "eavesdropping" on his older siblings recent science lessons.

In an age of so much electronic media, Super Star Speech's Homeschool Games are refreshing, affordable, and extremely engaging alternatives. My 15 year old, 8 year old and I played Climb the Vine using only the questions and answers while sitting in a parking deck waiting on my 5 year old to finish his nap. A potentially wasted hour of our time was spent laughing, learning, and building a quirky, fun memory because of our portable, adaptable game.

After playing All About Animals I polled the test market group for their honest opinions. "It's so exciting!" said Aidan, grade K. "I like the questions and I like the pictures on the board", said Sierra, grade 2. "I learned a lot from the facts about the animals", said Micah, grade 7.

Although Homeschool Games are listed for specific age groups, many are adaptable for multiple levels of play. Because the content and vocabulary are rich, the games engage older secondary aged siblings creating educational family fun. Their unique design and affordable price make them perfect for any size homeschool.

For more information about Super Star Speech Homeschool Games visit the Super Star Speech website, Everyone needs to play during their day. Homeschool Games offer families a chance to play a little while they learn.

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