Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The OldSchoolhouse Planner 2009-2010

Anyone that knows me understands that I suffer from "bright shiny object" syndrome. You might recognize it when you see it. It can be very detrimental when dealing with scheduled activities and timed events, but a wonderful asset for keeping up with six different kids aged 19-5 and their various activities and interests. There is never a dull moment at our house and it seems that life is always re-inventing itself. Suffering from "BSOS" actually helps me cope with the constant flexibility required of me as "Supermom". :-)

Thank goodness, however, that The OldSchoolhouse has my back! Their latest planner for the 2009-2010 school year is designed to assist even disorganized me keep track of life in the most organized fashion. Available as a digital download (read instant shopping gratification) TOS Planner contains 375 pages of resources, calendars, recipes, household forms, school forms and an almost mind boggling amount of planning forms. The planner is designed around an academic year rather than calendar year beginning with July 2009. Yearly calendars for 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 are included as well for the super planner in all of us.

Each month of the school year, through June 2010, contains a topical article, The Schoolhouse Resource List to accompany the topic and two handy new tried and true recipes to assist in answering the "what's for dinner?' dilemma. For example, the month of March 2010 features an article entitled "What's So Great About Dead Languages". Following the article are lists of common Greek and Latin roots and a Schoolhouse Store Resource list containing 33 live links for optimum internet surfing and shopping. Following the resource list are two delicious recipes, Crockpot Potato soup and Chicken Penne Pesto Pasta, one of our family favorites.

For those still searching for inspiration during the school year TOS has included an additional 18 page research based section of handy miscellaneous educational information following the topical months. Lists of dates and works of famous composers, timeline of inventions, countries and capitals, a kitchen conversions cheat sheet and other valuable trivia are included in the miscellaneous section.

My favorite portion of the planner, Homeschool Forms (121 different ones!) and Household Forms (64 different forms) make up the bulk of this amazing organizational too. I dare you to think of a necessary form for organizing busy homeschool households that isn't included. One of the exciting aspects of being in digital format is the ability to type on the form, personalizing it for your home before you print. Once printed the forms have a professional quality guaranteed to inspire an organized spirit within your home.

Annual plans, yearly goals, curriculum planning sheets, high school transcript samples, weekly and daily schedules for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 children, Bible Memorization records, memory work records, crafts completed record sheet, field trip planning, co-op planning sheets, book report forms for early elementary ages, a homeschool book inventory, alphabet practice sheet, educational activities for pre-schoolers, teaching supplies and inventory list and an all purpose wish list are just a few of the Homeschool Forms. Just reading through the list made me realize how much organization help I probably am in need of and grateful that a highly skilled organized soul has created these forms anticipating my needs.

Since July is nearly upon us I printed out the Curriculum Planning Sheet to organize my thoughts regarding academic choices I've made for all four of my students next school year. Although the form is simple and direct it instantly showed me any holes I still needed to fill and helped me realize I have a better handle on curriculum planning than I had earlier thought.

The Household Forms include a record sheet for recording important phone numbers and contacts, Family health record form, homekeeping weekly schedule and chore charts, menu planners in monthly and weekly formats, Christmas card list, budget sheets, garden plans and record keeping, vacation plans, party planning forms and even forms for record keeping the health of family pets. Making use of these organizational tools will definitely assist in keeping on top of household management in the midst of an already busy career of home education.

I find the unique forms section of this planner and the ability to print customized versions of them for my family extremely motivating and valuable. Over the years I have never found a dayplanner or calendar that truly fits my needs as a homeschooling mom, wife, homemaker, part-time writer, co-op teacher, etc. Not being gifted with the skill of organization I usually end up with oodles of unnecessary stress in my family's academic year as nagging thoughts of "I think I'm forgetting something" or simply being overwhelmed by the burden of all the work needing to be done take over. TOS Planner, designed by homeschoolers for homeschoolers fills a tremendous need for organizationally challenged BSOS homeschoolers like me and will even provide inspiration for "Martha" wannabees. TOS 2009-2010 Planner is available exclusively at the TOS Store for $39.00. If you purchase before July 12, you will receive bonus excerpts of the 2008 planner free of charge. Get ready for the most amazing school year ever with a little help from The OldSchoolhouse.

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