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Exploring Creation with General Science--2nd Edition

“But how do teach the upper level classes like math and science?” I wish I had a dollar for everytime I have been asked that question. It is a common question asked by beginning homeschoolers sure they won’t last through the high school years and friends and relations who really don’t understand the motivation to keep educating kids through the teen years. Since I have now graduated two lovely young ladies from my home school I find myself ready to answer the question more and more.

Homeschooling for high school does seem like a daunting task at first glance. I remember attending a homeschool convention the summer before my oldest daughter was to enter 7th grade. I happened into a workshop held by Marilyn Durnell, co-author of Apologia Science’s Exploring Creation with Biology. She gave a lovely presentation focused on the topic of teaching high school sciences. I found it very encouraging and loved listening to her as she instantly reminded me of my paternal grandmother. I left the workshop, traveled to the Apologia booth, purchased Exploring Creation with General Science 1st edition and never looked back.

Almost 7 years later I still look to Apologia for reassurance and quality upper level science curriculum. I have met founder Dr. Jay Wile on two occasions and been inspired and encouraged by his presentations. Dr. Wile recently sold Apologia to Davis and Rachael Carman who are dedicated to continuing the quality, vision and integrity of the company.

Apologia Science upper level science texts are designed to mentor students and encourage independent study. Mom or Dad will NOT be required to re-take their high school Biology, Chemistry or Physics class in order to keep pace with students. All test and problem answers are easily found within solutions manuals. The text is written in an engaging conversational style directed to the student. If the student reads and comprehends the text it will serve as the all important lecture portion of any course.

Much to my pleasure lab experiments usually conclude with a brief, yet gentle reminder to “clean up your mess and put things away”. Dr. Wile has designed all of his texts for mentoring students who can work independently; the ideal work environment for the highschool homeschool.

I have three students that have completed Apologia’s Exploring Creation with General Science-1st edition, Exploring Creation with Biology-1st edition and Exploring Creation with Chemistry-2nd edition. My oldest daughter, currently a college student majoring in Mechanical Engineering, also completed Exploring Creation with Physics her Senior year of high school and needed me only for grading her tests. It was this course that helped her realize she definitely wanted to pursue Mechanical engineering over any other degree program. I am not a science major sort of teacher, but with the help of Apologia’s outstanding curriculum my daughter was able to discover her passion on her own.

Already familiar with Exploring Creation with General Science—first edition thrice over I gave the 2nd edition text to my 11 year old daughter to test drive. She was scheduled to begin General Science in the fall as she will enter the Junior High years and in our home that equates with lots of independent study directed by Mom.

General Science- 2nd edition consists of 434 pages divided into 16 modules or chapters. Each module should be completed in a two week time period and includes written text, color photographs, diagrams, etc., On Your Own questions designed to aid with student comprehension, lab experiments, detailed explanations of labs, answers to the “On Your Own” questions, and a study guide for the module test. Module tests are provided in a separate solutions and tests manual. All answers for tests, and study guides are provided in the solutions and tests manual a handy reference since most questions asked on the tests require an essay style answer. Kids that study with Apologia Science really learn material.

Our favorite section of the Apologia General Science-2nd edition book has always been the last eight modules which focus on the human body. My older, soon to graduate daughter, enjoyed this study so much at the time that her ability to draw improved as a direct result of her focused effort in re-creating diagrams of the human circulatory system, nervous system, etc. All of my children have begun Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Biology the year immediately following the General Science course completing it with ease. General Science has always been a wonderful preparation for the rigors of high school science study.

Exploring Creation with General Science--2nd edition sells for $85.00 for the textbook and solutions and tests manual or $65.00 for the text only and $20.00 for the solutions and tests manual only. In addition for those with a techie side Apologia offers the entire text on CD-Rom for $65.00, a multimedia presentation CD to accompany the text for $15.00 and an MP3 recording of the text for auditory learners for $15.00.

I asked Micah her opinions of her jump start of 7th grade science and she apparently gives Apologia Science, Exploring Creation with General Science--2nd edition two thumbs up. She says, “Like other Apologia science books it was very easy to understand from the author. I liked the science experiments which helped me understand things discussed in the text. I think I will enjoy finishing this up next year in 7th grade.”

The next time you start to doubt your ability to teach the upper level sciences at home simply visit the Apologia website or open one of their amazing textbooks and read. With engaging text, easy to implement household lab science experiments and tests to capture the learning, upper level homeschool science education is within your grasp. Apologia Science really does make it that easy.

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