Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One 2 Believe--- Noah's Ark

We've been getting a lot of rain lately. I know its almost Spring, but I am beginning to think I might need to start drawing up plans for an ark. I'm glad I received One2Believe's Noah's Ark last month as I will need a model to work with.

Biblical History and Biblical truth are truly child’s play for One2Believe, a Christian toy company offering contemporary designed toys with the goal of providing “fun ways of teaching children about the greatest people who ever lived.” Biblical characters come to life in the form of action heroes, dolls and sets. Founder and CEO Dave Socha created One2Believe from a desire to provide support for parents “in their battle for their children's hearts and minds.” In addition to helping parents, the company supports Samaritan’s Purse, Hero Antigua, Focus on the Family, Family Life and other Southern California ministries.

Much to my children's joy we received One2Believe's Noah's Ark to review just over a month ago. The ark measures about 12" x 6" and from a Mom's perspective did not impress me with its quality or detail. I thought the plastic a bit thin and the ark should open up in the center providing an entrance for the animals. No worries, however, for my kids who LOVED the ark from the minute it left the box. Since the set is designed for children I would trust their review over mine.

Although only a small representation of creation, the animals we did receive are heavy, sturdy and well designed for little hands. The elephant, for example measures nearly 3"x 3" in size, while the tiny donkeys are approximately 2" long by 1/4" wide. Contained in the set are Noah with his staff, two ostrich, two camels, a sheep and ram, two monkeys, two donkeys and two elephants. All the animals stand on their own (what fun is a toy after all if it can't stand on its own) are color coordinated to their mate, wear goofy cartoon like grins and beg you to pick them up. Being a wife and mother I was instantly concerned when I could not find Noah's wife and family in the box, but apparently I think too much. Mrs. Noah is not included in this set.

I asked Sierra, age 7 and Aidan age 4, for their personal recomendation regarding Noah's Ark. They both agreed that the animal factor won them over.

"I liked the animals the most. I would want this because it has animals in it, "stated Sierra.

"I liked playing with it. I liked it the most because of the animals. I played with it lots of times", answered Aidan. When asked what his favorite aspect of the set was he replied, "I like to set up the animals on the ark".

Noah's Ark retails for $29.99 at the One2Believe website. It is listed on the site as being appropriate for ages 3 and up due to small parts. Noah's Ark is one of the 13 different Tales of Glory play sets offerd by One2Believe. Tales of Glory sets are available to teach both Old and New Testament Biblical accounts and each come with play figures and a small Bible storybook that includes a short synopsis of the story and Bible reference of the scripture. According to the company website, "With Tales of Glory PVC Figurine Sets children can bring the greatest stories of the Bible to life. "

One2Believe offers five main categories of toys to date. These include the Messenger of Faith dolls/action figures, Tales of Glory figurine sets, Spirit Warriors action figures, P31 (Proverbs 31) 18” dolls, and a “Jesus Loves Me” stuffed bear.

The Messenger of Faith figures priced at $19.99 all include a doll who speaks scripture and a small storybook for the child to read. They are appropriate for children aged 3 and older. Jesus, Mary (mother of Christ), Esther, David, Moses, Noah, Peter and Paul come to life for children through these dolls. A 24” x 24” playmat is available for $5.99 to accompany the dolls on their adventures as they live out the well known Biblical accounts of their lives and ministries.

Two different Spirit Warrior action figures are currently available priced at $24.99 each. Samson and Goliath, large, man-sized dolls towering at 13”come with removable clothing and weapons, a colorful mini storybook and are appropriate for ages 3 and up.

The delightful Proverbs 31 dolls are designed to be an alternative to other 18” dolls currently available in the secular market. Girls may choose from Leah, Elisabeth or Abigail. The dolls arrive with a Bible lesson based on Proverbs 31, a cookie recipe and cookie cutters, an activity list and a contemporary clothing outfit. They are priced at $39.99 each and although listed as appropriate for ages 3 and up I would recommend them for ages 6 and up.

The Jesus Loves Me Bear sings and dances to the traditional song, “Jesus Loves Me”. Priced at $15.00 he is a cuddly friend for all ages.

When the time comes to shop for a gift for your child you will want to consider all that One2Believe has to offer parents. Their vision and quality toys will help the Bible come alive in your house through the eyes of a child.

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