Sunday, November 16, 2008

Media Angels, Inc.

Looking for an inexpensive, exciting, wholesome adventure series for your tween-age reader? Media Angels, Inc. publishing, has just the series for you! The Truth Seekers Mystery Series, currently a series of three books with the fourth in production, take the topic of Creation Science and weave it into a contemporary, mystery adventure series with the help of main characters Christian and Anna Murphy, teen detectives. This series of novels, priced at only $8.99 per novel, is a wholesome choice for young readers searching for contemporary fiction designed to be a light read.

The Murphy teens, a brother and sister team, the oldest siblings in a not so typical homeschool family have a real knack for getting into trouble creating an adventure filled life only possible in a work of fiction. The kids’ father, former archeologist turned professional photographer, utilizes the help of Christian and Anna as he is drawn unknowingly into a dangerous mystery in the first of the adventure series, Missing Link: Found written by Christina and Felice Gerwitz.

“It’s a great story. It isn’t like a basic story like most books. It keeps you reading throughout the chapters, like a cliff hanger. It’s a great mystery!” (Micah, age 11)

Christina Gerwitz, age 17 and homeschooled at the time of writing the novel, provides a wonderful testimony to the dedication and determination of home education in the creation of this book. According to her mother, publisher and award winning author, Felice Gerwitz, “…Christina, at 14 said she wanted to write a mystery novel. I explained, ‘We don’t know how to write novels’ and she said, ‘That’s okay, Mom! We’re homeschoolers, we can learn how.’”

Literature study guides are available for the books in the Truth Seekers Mystery Series and include vocabulary, comprehension questions and answers, plot development, setting and characterization techniques, writing activities and suggestions for further study. In true homeschool style the guides are designed to be used independently by the student or directed by the parent. You choose the direction as you turn these fun-filled adventure novels into an English lesson or two.

Media Angels, Inc., a publishing company with a Christian focus, was founded by veteran homeschool mom, Felice Gerwitz. Gerwitz, a homeschool parent since 1986, has a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and encouragement to offer on her website. In addition to the Truth Seekers Mystery series Gerwitz has published a variety of services all available on the website.

A Creation Camp in a box product, designed for grades K-7, really caught my eye in the on-line store. This kit provided a camp backpack, t-shirt, lesson plans, directions, non-consumable materials, parent and student notebooks and a CD of original songs by Eagle Wings all for a low price of $45.95. As I read through the description I couldn’t help but imagine a group of homeschooled kids getting together once a week over the school year to investigate Creation Science captivated by this unique hands-on approach offered by “Camp in a Box”.

Other products offered at the Media Angels, Inc. on-line store include:

* on-line Creation science class

* Audio presentations to encourage and educate the homeschool teacher in the areas of science education and writing.

*Seminars on DVD covering a variety of homeschooling topics

*A Science Fair Abstract Review Service

*Science Kit

*Creation Science Lapbook

*Creation science based curriculum

If you are looking for a great read for your 8-12 year old or encouragement and education for all ages check out Media Angels, Inc. They have a wonderful product line and even some free resources designed to benefit contemporary homeschoolers.

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